Story Time: As told through pics and gifs

So, I was looking through old family photos and then I started to remember the story of how my parents met, which I call ‘The Rose story’.

Buckle your seats, kids, cause it sounds like a bad rom-com that has been done to death but i’ll share anyway;

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every year, my aunt makes it her job to buy the family their own calendar for the new year. She buys ones of landscapes, cats, dogs, flowers and all that stuff.

but i think i got the best one

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I knew i knocked over a pill bottle this morning but i didn’t know it landed in my cup of water! I was so freaked out!! Like wtf do i tell my doctor?? ‘Hey, can i get a refill? My last batch was soaking in water for 13 hours’ But I dried the bottle and opened it and the pills were BONE DRY.

God fucking bless childproof caps!!

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so far i’ve been surviving the sleeping medicine change

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disregardstherest asked: Beatles for you? :)

Ok, my story isn’t as awesome as disregardstherest (cause that shit was freakin cool!)

When I was a baby my parents worked. So when my dad came home from his graveyard shift he would watch me in the mornings and my mother would take over in the evenings. Like disregardstherest, they listened to their own favorite music. So to keep my attention my dad would sing to me while he read the paper. His favorite song to sing was “Sunday Morning Coming Down” by Johnny Cash. Then, when my mother would see that she thought “hey! I wanna sing to her too!”. But when she did I would SCREAM, I did not like the way she sang it so she stopped.


As a baby I had scarlet fever, and being sick i was always cranky and crying, and my Uncle noticed my mom would rock me back and forth on the couch so he bought a rocking chair. Then to make me fall asleep at night my mom started singing again. She would sing “Yesterday” and “Hey Jude”, more Hey Jude cause that was her favorite, because those were the only songs she tolorated. (she wasnt that much of a beatles fan) and i LOVED the way she sang them. She would sing those 2 songs for everything, even during the long car rides when she took me to work and college with her. And as i got older i started discovering more of The Beatles songs.

So, long story short, I got into The Beatles because of the memories with my mom :)

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and here we see my niece coloring with chucky 

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My sister was checking my incisions and my nephew saw and started crying because he thought someone stabbed me

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my mom kept making fat jokes about me…

so i told her how the hobbit ends

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