as a diabetic, the worst problem i have is when i drink a soda from a fast food chain and halfway through i realize it’s not diet

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after 2 laparoscopys, my hysterectomy is finally scheduled for September 9

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she’s going so far as to read the hobbit! READ! SHE’S NEVER READ ANYTHING IN HER LIFE! I JUST-*whispers* mom don’t read chapter 18

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my mom’s obsessed with ‘the hobbit’ and she’s currently in love with Thorin and Fili …

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robbed by the mini Alda fan, yet again

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My nephew said that if i ever move out, he’s gonna move in with me. His reasons were; “You need to pay the bills. I know you don’t like leaving your house and you look like you’re about to scream if someone starts talking to you, so i’ll work to pay the light and everything. You just pay the food bill. On second thought, You just give me the money and i’ll shop, we’ll probably die if you keep buying fast food.”

i haven’t moved out yet and already i got a roommate.

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Me: I got my A1C down from 8.6 to 7.6!

Them: That’s still high. You should of had it lower than that. 


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